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Where are we?

Internship Programmes in Malaga

Internship Experience is headquartered in Malaga, Andalucia

Our headquarters are located in the city of Malaga, the perfect place to enjoy not only good international internships, but also the Mediterranean culture in the safest way.

Geographical location of Malaga

Malaga lies on the coast of Andalucia, right in the middle of all the most beautiful places to visit. By transport, we are 1 hour and 15 minutes from Granada and 2 hours from Seville.

The AVE (Spanish high-speed train) connects the cities of Malaga and Madrid in approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The city also has one of the most important airports in Spain, where there are international flights to countless destinations. Its proximity to the city of Malaga is to be noted, making arrivals and departures very easy, with short direct journeys.

Career and job opportunities in Malaga

The companies established in Malaga belong to a wide range of fields. Due to the climate and the cultural variety offered by the city, it is worth highlighting the leading role played by companies in the tourism sector, such as hotels, hospitality and gastronomy, transport companies and tour operators.

But also, given the geographical location and the quality of life offered by the city of Malaga, international companies based in Malaga have grown tremendously in the last two years. It should be noted that, with the creation of an immense technology park, the new technologies industry stands out today.


According to the British newspaper Financial Times, Malaga is among the European cities with the best strategies for attracting investment from new companies and opening new lines of business.

With this we can say that, thanks to this wide range of companies in different industries, Internship Experience can offer foreign students the internship that best suits their education and needs.

Contact us!

If you are thinking about Malaga or any destination in Andalucia for an internship in a company, please write to us at hola@internxperience.com