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Courses during your internship in a company

Training and language courses in Malaga during your internship in a company

At Internship Experience we certainly know the importance of the student’s educational background in order to achieve their goals in the future.

In Malaga, Seville, Granada and Cadiz, or in any destination where the internship will take place, we offer a wide range of course:

  • Workshops and master classes with professionals from different specialties: gastronomy, design, tourism, education, etc.
  • Private tutoring classes for the submission of final projects for the internship.
  • Intensive and super intensive Spanish course.
  • Intensive and super intensive English course.
  • Intensive and super intensive French course.
  • Intensive and super intensive German course.
  • Business or Commercial Spanish.
  • Test for college admissions course , for the access to Spanish education.
  • Visits to companies from different sectors.


In addition, Internship Experience is committed to learning in parallel with the development of the internships in companies. We can offer to the students the opportunity to attend conferences related to their professional area as well as networking meetings organised by different institutions in the city.


Important tip: For those students who do not have an intermediate level of Spanish it is strongly recommended that they take an intensive Spanish course before or at the beginning of their internship. It will be absolutely crucial in order to defend their position in the assigned company facing colleagues and customers.

All our schools are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and can issue a certificate of the language level obtained.

Contact us!

If you have a mobility project abroad and need Erasmus specialists in Spain, please write to hola@internxperience.com