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Programme Guide

Internship Programme in a Company

Internship programme in a company with Internship Experience

Internship Experience manages internship programmes in real companies for students who wish to improve their Spanish language skills, increase their education and get closer to the possibility of joining an international company in the future.

We manage all the documents and the selection processes from Malaga until the student is guaranteed a place in a company appropriate to their experience and education. In addition, the team makes sure to tutor and protect the student during the whole stay in Spain with a personalized attention. Since we are located in Andalucia, where the programme takes place, we guarantee a continuous assistance with professionalism and quality.

Description by sections of the internship programme in a company:

Types of companies:

Internship Experience provides Spanish companies of different industries that can cover the pedagogical needs of the candidates.

From the tourism sector to the building industry, including telecommunications and trade companies.

If you want to read more information about the different fields of work in which we offer internships, please visit our section “Types of companies”.


  • It is recommended that participants have an intermediate level of Spanish. The higher the language level, the more likely it is for Internship Experience to offer a place more suited to the candidate’s education. Nevertheless, there are sectors and partner companies committed, in which Internship Experience will be able to offer vacancies for those students with reduced knowledge of the language.
  • Each student must have a contract signed by their educational institution, Lycee, professional institute, university or public body in the home country that has granted any scholarship.
  • Travel and medical insurance is always mandatory. Ask us if you want to take it out with Internship Experience.


  • Each candidate must provide a complete curriculum vitae, as well as a short cover letter in Spanish.
  • In order to accomplish the sitting in the right way, Internship Experience must receive the documents at least 12 weeks before the date of arrival of the group/participant.
  • Other informations, such as arrival and departure of the flights, possible food allergies or an emergency phone number will be requested by the Internship Experience team in order to guarantee the proper coordination of all contracted services.


The internship programme is made for people over the age of 16. However, Internship Experience works and collaborates with Erasmus Project, with which groups of people under the age of 16 travel to Spain in order to have a first contact with local companies. In theses cases, we offer special programmes for underage people.El programa  en prácticas de empresas es para mayores de 16 años.


The internship programme in a company is available during the whole year.

Length of the programme in the companies:

The recommended stay in the programme is a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 6 months.

However, we coordinate special programmes of visits to companies for shorter stays.

Work hours:

It is understood that depending on the sector where the student is going to live their experience, the working hours may vary according to the type of operation and clients that the company has.

The working hours that are most convenient for both of them will be agreed between the company where the internship will take place and the student. Internship Experience can in most cases arrange these hours with the tutors before the arrival of the candidates in Spain so that they can be reflected in their contracts.


Once the internship is done, the participants receive a certificate of participation in the programme provided by Internship Experience that proves their stay in a company abroad.

In addition, after a job well done, the tutor of each student in the assigned company will surely be able to make a recommendation or a personalised motivation letter upon request.

Internship Experience will also ensure that all contracts and official certificates from institutions are duly completed by companies and tutors.

Available services:

At Internship Experience we know for sure that the experience of working for the first time in a different cultural environment from that of the candidates is no easy task.

That is why our services include the possibility of organising transportation, booking accommodation, coordinating activities and trips and of course, also taking care of something that we always recommend to our students with a low level of language skills: we prepare language courses adapted to the candidate’s knowledge and needs so that they can communicate well with their new colleagues.

If you want to read more information about any of the aforementioned sections, please visit the different parts of our website:

  • Accommodation.
  • Activities and trips.
  • Language courses.

Contact us!

If you have a mobility project abroad and need Erasmus specialists in Spain, please write to hola@internxperience.com