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In Malaga

Experts on Erasmus Projects

Experts on Erasmus Projects

Internship Experience help students to acquire professional experience through internships in Spanish companies.

We design and organise trips in Spain in order to make the experience easier from start to finish.

We are an international, multicultural team with years of experience in the fields of education and travel organization around the world, and we have sought to specialise in work & travel packages for young people aged 15-30.

We work for international student agencies which are specialised in Erasmus Projects and other scholarships in need of a partner established in Spain, with the purpose of making the organization, coordination and tutoring of groups of students and individual students easier. Also direct clients are our teachers of vocational training and higher education who decide to travel to Spain with their students as part of an international project.

Knowing that you can count on the team of Internship Experience in the same place where the internship programme of the students is being developed gives me security and peace of mind.



Why are we experts on Erasmus Programmes? How do we work at Internship Experience Spain?

In the first place, we look for government scholarships that are available in the home country if possible, and we guide and assist in all procedures to fill in the necessary required documents.

And even though there are not always scholarships available, Internship Experience works for all types of budgets, adapting to different requests. If you want to live the experience, don’t miss it.

Once the project and the budget have been accepted, we look for opportunities in the Spanish labour market in the field that best suits the features, experience, education and preferences of the student.

We organise transportation, accommodation, language course, trips and activities during your stay at the destination before the start of the journey.

Once in Spain, we will guide every student personally, tutor their internship in the company and do everything that is in our power to help. In order to provide a better assistance, there is an emergency phone number available for the students 24 hours a day, on any day of the week during your stay.

Contact us!

If you have a mobility project abroad and need Erasmus specialists in Spain, please write to hola@internxperience.com